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Do You Need To Use Toner?

Do You Need To Use Toner?

Toner is one of those misunderstood products that - when used correctly - can seriously elevate your skincare routine and deliver skincare results. Old-school toners were filled with drying alcohols and astringents, so they got a bad reputation. Modern toners are nothing like this and should definitely be a part of your skincare routine .

What is a toner?

A toner is a skincare product that’s usually applied after cleansing but before your serum or moisturiser. They help to remove any last traces of oil, makeup and dirt, help to clean out your pores, rebalance your skin and prep your skin for the next steps in your routine.

Depending on the type of toner you use, they can also help to hydrate your skin, smooth out any uneven texture and deal with specific skincare concerns that you might have.They can also feel super refreshing on your skin, especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

A toner works by penetrating your skin, removing dead skin cells and providing a hit of hydrating that gets your skin ready for the rest of your skincare.

How do you use toner in your skincare routine?

Adding a toner into your skincare routine is really easy. Once you’ve cleansed your skin, simply use your chosen toner before you move on to serum and moisturiser. Lots of toners out there need to be applied to a cotton pad and swiped across the face, but our Skin Balancing Toner is different. No cotton pads or waste needed.

The Skin Balancing Toner is a unique serum to liquid toner that bursts into a spreadable liquid when applied. This means you don’t need to use cotton pads or a cloth to apply it. Just using your hands is fine. It contains preBIULIN FOS™, a natural prebiotic helps to rebalance the skin's microbiota for daily skin control and protection.

It also helps to reduce breakouts, softens and hydrates the skin. It’s completely suitable for all skin types, but especially for skin that’s experiencing both breakouts and signs of ageing. It’s super refreshing and lightweight on the skin too. You'll also benefit from moisturising and soothing ingredients like allantoin and vitamin E to nourish your skin.

After you’ve used your toner, follow with the rest of your routine. Serum and moisturiser are both a must.

Should you use toner everyday?

To get the skin boosting benefits of toner, you should use it daily. Ideally it should be applied morning and night, after you’ve cleansed and removed any makeup. It’s important that when you choose a daily cleanser, you look for gentle and nourishing ingredients.

Harsh, alcohol-heavy toners will quickly strip and dry out your skin, leaving it out of balance and irritated. Try to avoid extra ingredients like witch hazel or heavy fragrance too. Stick to gentle formulations and ingredients that work with your skin’s natural pH. Using the right toner that’s filled with beneficial ingredients can seriously restore, rebalance and refresh your skin.

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