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Our products

Our products are essential, science-based, multifunctional skincare for everyone. Filler ingredients, unnecessary fragrance and trendy ingredients with no scientific proof aren’t a part of FACESS.

If it doesn’t work for your skin, it isn’t getting in.

We’re here for that in-between skin, where some days all you
can see is wrinkles and on other days you’re dealing with breakouts. We’re here for the days where you just want a quick refresh, not a 10-step routine. We’re here for when you want skincare that actually works.

Our values

We’re a gender-neutral skincare brand built from diversity, inclusivity and sustainability. Where we’re different from other brands is that we actually mean it.


We believe in using the most effective, highest quality and cost-effective ingredients in all of our formulations.

That's why we use a mix of natural and synthetic ingredients in our products - we firmly believe (and so does science) that they're the best option for your skin. All products are:

100% Vegan
Cruelty Free
Sulphate and Paraben free


Good skincare shouldn't cost the earth.

We produce only planet-friendly packaging; that means our packaging is either designed to be recyclable, contains recycled materials or is reusable.

Our cartons are made from FSC sourced card and printed using soy-based ink, easily recycled or perfect to feed your compost.

Giving back

We wanted to ensure that our brand makes a positive difference within the community as well as the world around it.

That’s why we took the decision - before we’d even formulated our products - that we’d donate a portion of each sale to charities who help the LGBTQI+ community in the UK and elsewhere, all year round.

We launched FACESS after becoming frustrated with skincare products that over promise and under deliver.

— Co-Founder, James