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Say Bye To Breakouts With Succinic Acid

Say Bye To Breakouts With Succinic Acid

Succinic acid is one of the hero ingredients that you’ll find featured across our entire range at FACESS. It’s in our Daily Clear Skin Cleanser, Skin Balancing Toner and Daily Essential Moisturiser to help keep breakouts, blocked pores and acne at bay. 

It always amazes us just how much of a skincare secret it is. Whether you’ve never heard of it or you want to learn more about this amazing acne fighter, we’ve got the lowdown on succinic acid right here.

What is succinic acid?

Here’s the science bit. Succinic acid occurs naturally in amber and sugar cane along with everyday foods like broccoli and rhubarb. It’s also found in the human body, where it plays a key part in creating cells and as an antioxidant.

This means that when it comes to skincare it helps to fight damage to the skin through things like pollution, smoking and UV exposure. It basically counteracts oxidative stress on the skin, which commonly causes fine lines, wrinkles and signs of ageing. As well as this it’s a powerful antimicrobial agent, which is where it’s breakout busting powers come in.

Succinic acid is created using fermentation and works to restore the skin’s pH balance and natural microbiome rather than disrupting it. Harsh, stripping ingredients can leave the skin feeling stripped, dry and out of balance - this is definitely not the case with succinic acid, it nourishes the skin.

How is succinic acid used in skincare?

Succinic acid works best when used over time (which is why we use it in most of our products) and directly applied to the skin. It’s used in cleansers, moisturisers, targeted treatments and serums and can be layered with other products. It’s used more commonly in Europe, but has yet become as well-known in the UK.

In skincare it’s used to reduce oil production and target blemishes and acne. It’s also used for anti-ageing and hydrating skincare too, because of its role as a powerful antioxidant. Succinic acid also pairs up perfectly with hyaluronic acid to boost its hydrating effect.

The fact it’s antimicrobial means that it helps to control bacteria on the skin which can be the cause of breakouts. As well as working to treat existing breakouts by drying them out and acting as an anti-inflammatory, it prevents future breakouts by controlling the bacteria of the skin. It works well when paired with other acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid and sulphur.

A great tip for using the Daily Clear Skin Cleanser is use it mindfully and take the time to really work it into the skin. This allows the succinic acid to get to work on the skin and means that the rest of your routine can be applied to fresh, clean skin.

What skin type is succinic acid suitable for?

The other great thing about succinic acid is that it’s suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. If you have oily skin, or combination skin that gets oily at your T-zone, then you’ll see a huge difference in oil production, breakouts and blocked pores when you use succinic acid.  

It’s gentle enough to be used daily for all skin types, and to be layered in your skincare routine. In fact, it has anti-inflammatory and protective properties which is why it’s great for sensitive or sore acne-prone skin. Succinic acid is even thought to have some properties that have a pain-relieving effect for the skin too.

Concerned about signs of ageing on your skin? Succinic acid supports cellular rejuvenation and skin renewal which can help with elasticity and firmness - two big issues when it comes to ageing skin. So if you experience hormonal acne or breakouts alongside signs of ageing this ingredient does it all.

If you do have particularly sensitive skin, you can always start out slowly, or do a patch test on your arm to check for a reaction before you go all in.

How to use succinic acid

You can use succinic acid at each of the three main steps in your routine. Here’s exactly how you can at this breakout-beater into your daily skin ritual:


Use the FACESS Daily Clear Skin Cleanser day and night. Simply wet your skin, massage the cleanser - which contains succinic acid, vitamin E, rosehip oil and lactic acid - into a gentle later, taking time to let the ingredients absorb. Then simply rinse and pat dry.


The FACESS Skin Balancing Toner has a unique serum to liquid toner formulation that means no need for cotton pads. This toner can be used day and night on clean, dry skin. All you need to do is apply to palms then pat and press over your face, letting it absorb into your skin. FYI, this toner is filled with skin-nourishing ingredients like natural prebiotic Prebulin FOS™, succinic acid and allantoin.


You can use the FACESS Daily Essential Moistursier day and night on clean skin. Just massage the rich, nourishing cream into your skin, letting the succinic acid, vitamins C, E and A, hyaluronic acid and shea butter work their magic.

Focus on ingredients and formulation

At FACESS, we focus on skincare that works. Part of that is our dedication to research that comes with every one of our products and ingredients. We make sure that every part of our skincare ranges uses the most effective ingredients, and the best version of them. We never compromise on the right routine for adult skin.

Balancing out the needs of skin that’s seeing early signs of ageing, coupled with skin concerns that are thought of as being a more ‘teenage’ like acne (though the reality is that acne can appear at any age, even into your 50s), can be tough. Around 95% of people aged 30 and under have experienced acne at some point and skin ageing starts around the age of 25.

Although you might have heard of some of the ingredients or processes we use mentioned as a trend - such as hyaluronic acid or fermentation - that’s not why we’ve used them in our products. We’ve included them because they’re the best ingredient for the job, trend or no trend.

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